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The swimming pool slot diffuser BS are applied as terminal air supply elements for wimming pools near to large windows. The diffuser BS is used for aeration of large glassed constructions to prevent cooling of the glass and the subsequent condensation. The diffusers are intended specially for ventilation and dehumidifying of moist areas. The recommended air velocity range in effective aperture is 2,5 - 4,2m/s.

The swimming pool slot diffuser is manufactured from aluminium profiles with one (BS-1), two (BS-2) or three (BS-3) slots. The connection is given by the accessories -mounting console (MB) or plenum box (PB) with round spigots for 1 or 2 slots and rectangular spigot for 3 slots. The PB inlets are equipped with dampers for air flow adjustment. The flow diagrams below show parameters for operation with open and closed damper. The mounting console and the plenum box are manufactured from stainless steel A316-L sheet as standard. The standard lengths are 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000mm, the maximum, non standard length is 2400mm. For longer installations diffusers of smaller sizes can be installed in a continuous array.


The recommended installation distance from the windows is 0,2m. The diffusers with mounting console are installed directly into the floor. The connection part at the air duct side is not in delivery scope and must be prepared at the site. The diffuser with plenum box has round (for 1 and 2 slots) or rectangular (for 3 slots) air duct connectors.


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