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Heat Recovery Ventilation

For an energy efficient healthy home

The Problem

Modern well insulated homes with central heating suffer air pollution up to 10 times worse than outside, according to a 'Which' report.

Surveys by the (Department of Environment Transport Region) DETR and the Building Research Establishment (BRE) have Carbon Dioxide levels in one in ten British homes above World Health Organisation guidelines.

Current Building Regulations call for extractor fans in all wet areas of the property including the kitchen, bathroom, utility, en-suite, WC and trickle vents in all the windows to allow air back into the property, at a cost to the homebuilder.

The solution -  A Heat Recovery Ventilation System.

A Systemair-Villavent Heat Recovery Ventilation system is designed to completely change all the air in the property at least every two hours, continually replacing the stale damp air with fresh, warmed, clean, filtered air.

The ventilation units can recover between 70% to 90% (depending on type of heat exchanger) of the heat normally lost through trickle vents and other breakout points in the building structure.

By installing a Systemair-Villavent Heat Recovery system you are providing filtered fresh air thus creating a healthier indoor environment alleviating allergy sufferers.

The casing of the unit is constructed from double skinned galvanised steel sheet with thermal insulation and is very quiet in operation.  The large heat exchanger either cross flow, rotary wheel or counterflow is manufactured from aluminium giving both high efficiency and longevity. 

Our systems comply with the current Building Regulations 2010 Part F and in Scotland standard 3.14 and therefore no noisy extractor fans or draughty trickle vents in windows are required. By negating the need for trickle vents in windows, noise pollution and heat loss is greatly reduced.

For more information contact Sales on 01993 778481 or email sales@villavent.co.uk.