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Comfort Conditioning

The ability to choose the level of comfort required in your home

The Problem

Flexibility in design is a key requirement in any building structure for domestic ventilation systems as the people that work and live in these buildings require different levels of comfort through the 4 seasons of the year.

Trying to provide an energy efficient, cost effective solution to heating, ventilation and cooling to match the requirements of the above conditions has for many years eluded most of us.

The problem when combining the 3 key comfort conditions, whilst unobtrusively fitting it into the structure and keeping running costs and noise levels low, providing flexibility in being simple to 'add on' if  necessary without the needless expense of fitting something that may not be needed, is what we at Systemair-Villavent aim to resolve.


The Solution - Comfort Conditioning

We summarise this as 'The ability to choose the level of comfort we require in our environment'.

We split the 3 conditions to just 2: 

Heating - space (or central) and domestic hot water.  This can be from a boiler or heat pump, from any fuel and provide individual room temperature control.  This is provided by others.

Ventilation and Cooling which we provide. As experts in domestic ventilation with over 40 years experience in Scandinavia and over 27 years in the UK, Systemair-Villavent are at the forefront in technology for ventilation of the modern well insulated home.


Systemair-Villavent Comfort Conditioning combines Heat Recovery Ventilation with options to upgrade including:

  • Additional Heating (to provide air above room temperature on very cold days)
  • Increased efficiency of filtration (less than 0.1um-micron)
  • Additional attenuation (to provide virtually silent ventilation to living rooms on normal)
  • Increased efficiency of Heat Recovery (up to 90%)
  • Comfort cooling (8-12º temp drop on airflow, from outlets, from ambient)

Choose the level of Comfort that's right for you!

For more information contact Sales on 01993 778481 or email sales@villavent.co.uk.