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Central Vacuum Systems

Make household chores fun

The Problem

Dust and particles will pollute the indoor air, even when a good ventilation system is installed.  Portable vacuum cleaners are noisy and require constant emptying.  A percentage of the dust and dirt picked up is re-distributed back into the atmosphere through the exhaust system causing an irritant to those suffering from respiratory problems.

The Solution

The Systemair-Villavent Central Vacuum system can be easily installed into a new or existing property and combines all the benefits of simplicity to use; low maintenance and environmental friendliness in one system.

With the power unit sited away from the habitable areas the Systemair-Villavent  Central Vacuum system eliminates the re-distribution of dust and dirt.  The system is near silent and is more powerful than a portable vacuum cleaner and therefore picks up substantially more dirt, pollen and dust, giving a much cleaner and healthier environment.  The dust canister (bag) requires emptying only a few times each year and the whole system is virtually maintenance free.

The lightweight hose eliminates the requirement to carry around a heavy dust canister or have electrical cables creating a hazard.

How It Works

The power unit is sited away from the habitable areas (garage; basement; utility) resulting in a near silent system.

A 50mm dia vacuum pipe is connected from the main unit to a pre-determined number of strategically placed wall mounted inlets.

The Central Vacuum switches on and off automatically when the lightweight hose is inserted into and removed from each inlet.  Alternatively the on/off control can be located at the hand portion of the hose if required.

The ergonomic design of the handle helps you to work easier. A wide range of tools and accessories are available to cater for all vacuuming requirements, including pet care combs, hard floor/deep pile tools and car valet kits.

For more information contact Sales on 01993 778481 or email sales@villavent.co.uk.