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Central Extraction Systems

A cost effective alternative to seperate extractors

The Problem

Current Building regulations call for extractor fans in all wet areas of the property including the kitchen, bathroom, utility, ensuite, WC and trickle vents in all the windows to allow air back into the property, all at a cost to the homebuilder.

The Solution - Central Extract

With a Systemair-Villavent Central Extract ventilation system all wet areas (kitchen; bathroom; ensuites; utility and WC) are linked via a central fan unit and a network of ducts.  The fans run continually therefore negating the need for overrun facilities and timer switches.  By constantly extracting mositure and stale odours it creates a healthier living environment.

The Central Extract fan unit is sited either integrally within a Systemair-Villavent cookerhood; mounted in the roof void or at high level in a cupboard.

Ducting connects the fan to ceiling/wall mounted extract grilles in the rooms being ventilated.

The fresh air is drawn into the rooms through small trickle vents fitted in the window frames.  The pressure diference makes the fresh air flow towards the wet rooms thus providing effective ventilation throughout the entire house.  The stale air is continually extracted from the rooms being ventilated and is discharged by the central fan to the outside.

Control of the system is either by means of the cookerhood or by a remotely located control panel.  Either of these gives a 3 speed setting, normal plus boost for rapid ventilation and with the option of a low speed setting if preferred.


Current Building Regulations call for extractor fans in the 'wet' areas of the property and trickle vents in the windows.

Our systems comply with the current Building Regulations 2010 Part F and in Scotland standard 3.14.

For more information contact Sales on 01993 778481 or email sales@villavent.co.uk.