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HRV Maintenance

How to look after your HRV System

The system is developed for continuous use and with a minimum of maintenance and service.

1. Clean the extract filter - as necessary, normally every four months.

  • The aluminium grease filter on the extract side inside the unit must be cleaned regularly.  Wash in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.
  • Do not use detergent containing ammonia
  • Replace the filter when necessary. 

2. Bag Filter

The bag filter cannot be cleaned and must be changed as necessary. Click here to order replacement filters.


3. Checking the heat exchanger block - once a year

Even if the required maintenance in items 1 and 2 above is carried out, dust may build up in the exchanger block. It is therefore of vital importance for the upkeep of high efficiency that the exchanger block is removed from the unit and cleaned periodically.  Wash in hot soapy water.

Do not use detergent containing ammonia.

 4. Checking the fans - once a year

Even if the required maintenance, such as cleaning/changing of filters is carried out, dust and grease may slowly build up inside the fans.  This will reduce efficiency.  The fans should be gently scraped using a non metallic scraper eg. body of bic biro.

5. Checking condensate drain - once a year

Condensate drain (drain pipe) may after some time get blocked by particles from the extract air.  Check that the drain pipe is open by pouring some water into the condensate tray in the bottom of the unit.  Clean water lock and drain pipe as necessary.

6. Cleaning extract louvers and inlet diffusers - as necessary

The system supplies fresh air to your home and extracts the used indoor air via the duct system and diffusers/louvers.  Diffusers and louvers are mounted eiligs/walls in bedrooms, living room, wet rooms WC etc.

Diffusers/louvers must not be exchanged.

7. Checking the fresh air intake

Leaves and pollution could plug up the air intake grille and reduce the capacity.  Check the air intake grille at least twice a year and clean as necessary.



Should problems occur please refer to the items below before contacting us.

1. Fan(s) Do Not Start

Check that all fuses and plugs are connected (mains supply and fan plugs).

2. Reduced Airflow

  • Check the setting of airflow on control panel.
  • Ensure the motors are running
  • Change/clean of filter if required.
  • Clean diffusers/louvers
  • Cleaning of fans/exchanger block required.
  • Is roof unit/air intake blocked?
  • Duct system - check visible duct runs for damage and/or build up of dust/pollution.
  • Check diffuser/louver openings for blockages/dust build up.

3. Cold Supply Air

  • Check the supply air temperature of the control panel.
  • Clean the extract filter if required
  • Ice in exchanger block.  Turn off the unit and let the ice melt.  Call us on 01993 778481 if this is repeated.
  • Check if summerblock is installed in the unit - If so remove and replace with heat exchanger block.

4. Noise/Vibrations 

  • Carry out all checks as for reduced irfw (in particular extract fans).
  • Clean the fan impellers.
  • Remove the fans and check that the screws holding the fans are tightened.
  • Check if the unit is free standing and that anti-viration pads are installed under the unit.

5. Water Leakage

  • Check that the condensate pipe is installed with a gradient toward the drainage point.
  • Check that free standing units are installed with a gradient toward the condensate drain.
  • If installed in a space likely to experience temeratures below freezing ensure condensate pipe is insulated.

6. Service

Before calling our service representative make a note of the specification and production number; this can be seen on the data plate which is situated on the unit.  Telephone 01993 778481 or email mailto:katie.ayre@systemair.co.uk