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Central Vacuum - Maintenance

The Systemair - Villavent central vacuum system is developed for regular use with a minimum of maintenance and service.

Maintenance is normally restricted to changing/emptying of the dust bag/canister approximately 2/3 times a year (depending on the frequency of use and the size of your home), as well as regular cleaning of the outside of the power unit.

Changing the Dust Bag

  1. Remove the lid on the dust canister.
  2. Carefully remove the dust bag and make sure that no dust is allowed to escape into the canister.
  3. Remove the dust bag and throw it away.
  4. Unfold the new dust bag and place it into the canister before carefully pushing the opening properly (approx 10cm) into the pipe.
  5. Replace the lid back in position and make sure that it is tight to avoid suction of 'false' air.


Should problems occur, please refer to the items below before contacting us:-

1. The unit does not start.  No suction in any of the wall outlets.

  • Connect the plug to an earthed socket.
  • Check fuses in the building main fuse box.
  • Connect the low voltage wiring to the unit.
  • Wait for 15-30 minutes to allow the motor to cool down, the start again.
  • Press hose into position.
  • Repair or replace switch on the handle as necessary.

2. No suction in one of the wall outlets.

  • Change the wall outlet.
  • Check low voltage wiring on the outlet by removing it (see installation instructions).

3. Insufficient suction.

  • Replace the dust bag/empty the canister.
  • Check that the lid is tight.
  • Install a new seal.
  • Remove obstructions from the discharge pipe or outdoor grill as necessary.
  • Replace defective telescopic pipe or re-install pipe.
  • Remove obstructions in pipe.
  • Repair or replace wall outlet.
  • Check, by means of a marble, for obstructions in the hose.
  • Replace defective hose.
  • Remove obstructions from wall outlet.

4. The vacuum system does not stop.

  • Disconnect low voltage cable from the power unit. The unit should stop.
  • Replace damaged or stuck plug/micro switch in the wall outlet.
  • If the print card is defective, disconnect the low voltage cable on the unit.

5. The unit stops after being used for a short period.

Wait for 15-30 minutes to allow motor to cool down.  Start again. Contact Service Engineer if problem is repeated.