Jet Fan Systems for Parking Garages

Demand Control Ventilation. Jet fan systems from Systemair.

Whether Municipal, Healthcare, Education, Retail or Office complex – each building has its specific ventilation requirements. One of the special challenges are underground and multi-story parking garages, where due to the exhaust gases, the air is severely contaminated with carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. Depending on the concentration and length of time spent in the parking garage, this poses great danger to the users.

Therefore the polluted air needs to be extracted quickly and safely. However, traditional ducted systems which are often used for this application take-up a lot of space, often conflict with other services such as electrical or water lines and must be in operation 24/7 to be effective. This, unfortunately is reflected in the investment, installation and operation costs. Luckily there is now an intelligent alternative to provide Demand Control Ventilation – Jet Fan Ventilation Systems from Systemair.


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