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Revit export

Errors in Revit export is fixed

  • Placement of connections
  • Origin in Revit file


Danvent DV and TIME

Ecodesign printout

Calculation of Ecodesign is updated.

Ecodesign values is always calculated with F7 filter in supply and M5 filter in extract, no matter what filter the unit is delivered with.

If there are no filter section in the unit, then filter corrections is used to calculate the SFP(internal) limit value.

Errors in calculation with unbalanced airflow is also corrected.

Fuse values

Errors with fuse values is corrected

  • Fuse for fans with AC-IE3 motors
  • Fuse for DVU-HP

Weights in printout

If printout language was changed then weights could be printed wrong. This error is fixed in the new version so weights is now correct.

Fluid pressure drop for run around coils

The limit for fluid pressure drop for run around coils is increased, so it is now easier to select suitable coils for run around systems.

Casings for rotary heat exchangers

In large units from DV80 and up the casing for the rotary heat exchanger is wider than other casings.

The casing use to be centered so it stuck out on front and back. Now the position can be selected, so the casing for the rotary heat exchanger can be either Centered, Aligned on front or aligned on the backside.

Dampers on top of fan outlet

Dampers can be placed on top of the unit over the fan section, if the fan have outlet on the top.

DVB dampers placed on top of units

When a DVB damper is selected to be outside the unit, there can now be panels in front of the DVB sections. This can save space in double height units.

Supply disconnect

Supply disconnect box can now be selected for EC-Blue fans also.

For all fan types, it is possible to select a Gray or a Yellow/Red supply disconnect box.

CE marking on units without control system

Due to legislation changes, all units will now be CE marked and have a declaration of conformity.

This is also for units delivered without control system, which up to now have been delivered with a declaration of incorporation.


DVCompact offers smoke-bypass function for counterflow units

Possibility to add double height empty section for DVCompact units (lengths - 370, 970, 1270mm).



New default settings.

Since now all the Topvex units templates are shown from the beginning:

  • right handed;
  • with water heater
  • with installed air dampers.


  1. Water valves for Topvex SF are chosen in a control dialog window. An actuator is added automatically whenever any valve is chosen.
  2. Bugs for Topvex SF with electrical heaters are fixed.