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Rotary heat exchangers

We have changed supplier for Rotary heat exchangers to Hoval for DV, TIME and DVCompact units.

The values for Rotary heat exchangers are now calculated with DLL programs from Hoval.

LCC Calculation

We have found and corrected a calculation error in the LCC calculation when we use cooling recovery in the heat exchangers.

Ecodesign Calculation

We have found and corrected a calculation error in the Ecodesign calculation.

When a unit was at the edge of performance, and it could calculate in the selected configuration, but not in the Ecodesign configuration, faulty values was written in Ecodesign dialog.

Revit export

Some errors with wrong connection positions is fixed

Danvent DV and TIME

Air pressure drop for dry cooling coil added

For cooling coils the air pressure drop for dry cooling coil is now printed in the printout.

Control system printout with EC fan array

The control system printout is updated so it now displays the correct power consumption when there is a EC fan array.


Eco rotor available on all marked

The eco rotor that is one size larger than the unit is now available on all marked.

Heating coil temperature limit

The maximum temperature limit in heating coils is raised to 99 °C


New outdoor set

A new outdoor set is added to the Topvex SR range.

Default power supply

The default power supply for Topvex products are now set to 3x400V