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Installation system upgraded

The SystemairCAD is upgraded with the latest installation pack from Microsoft. The installation can now be activated directly from web link. It is not necessary to download and unzip the program before the setup is run. The new installation also affects the user rights need to perform installation and web updates: 

  • Installation: Administrator rights required.
  • Uninstallation: Administrator rights required.
  • Web update: Standard user rights required.

The SystemairCAD automatically detects if a new version is available on the web. All you have to do is accept the download, and the new version will be installed.

Windows 8 support

SystemairCAD version C2013-03.04.C4 is tested against Microsoft Windows 8. We recommend that Adobe Acrobat reader is installed to give the best performance of the print out functionality. 

Alternative working points

The air flow limits for the dimensioning working point and alternative working points are changed. The markets requested the opportunity to calculate the units with at lower air volumes. In the new setup we divided the minimum air flow in dimensioning working point, and the alternative working points.

The dimensioning working point depends on the unit size.

The alternative working point depends, on the impeller diameter selected.

The minimum air flow will be displayed in the dialog, when an impeller diameter is selected. 


You are able to see the corresponding energy usage calculation in the result dialog.


It is also possible to copy the values to clipboard, if you need the energy consumption calculation for other purposes.

New versions of Topvex

The Topvex range in SystemairCAD has been extended with the versions SC - with counter flow heat exchanger


and FR - flat unit with rotary heat exchanger.


Accessories for Topvex

Now SystemairCAD also have connectable accessories for Topvex such as dampers, external coolers and sound attenuators.

New efficiency presentation for Topvex

The efficiency for the heat recovery is now presented with two values, one for actual conditions and one according to standard EN 308.

TIME ec with new combinations

The compact unit TIME ec is upgrade with new combinations. You will find that it is possible to have a combination with the extract air damper placed in the outlet. 


Sorption rotary heat exchanger with a 1,4 mm wave height in DANVENT DV units

The sorption Rotary heat exchangers are becoming more and more popular, because you have the opportunity to save cooling energy, by using the sorption rotor. The sorption rotor transfers humidity from the supply air to the extract air in the summer time. You can save up till 40% of the cooling energy by using a Sorption rotary heat exchanger compared to a standard temperature exchanger. Another plus is the excellent hygienic properties of the HUgo Sorption rotor. To read about the Sorption rotary heat exchanger, please follow this link:



Base frame with heavy corrosion resistance, in the DANVENT DV units

It is now possible to select a heavy corrosion resistant surface treatment for the base frame. It is a hot galvanized surface treatment, ensuring that we meet the requirements for an outdoor unit. The base frame is 250 mm high and can be selected in all DV unit sizes, from DV 10 to DV 150. DV 190 and DV 240 are always delivered with a hot galvanized base frame, 150 mm high.

Advanced efficiency calculation of the AC motors

The new possibility to calculate alternative working points at very low fan loads, required a new advanced calculation of the AC motor efficiency. This is important to calculate the correct energy consumption for all fan loads.

Parted rotors not available for DV 60 and DV 80

It is not possible to deliver Rotary heat exchangers as parted in DV 60 and DV 80, because of technical issues. Parted rotary heat exchangers are still available from DV 100 to DV 240.