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For AutoCAD/ MagiCAD 64-bit users: plugin version 2013.10.1 required after SystemairCAD update.


Windows 8 and Windows 7 + UAC compatibility added.
Next updates of SystemairCAD will not require anymore re-installation of plugins unless new plugin version is released.


City Flow filter

City Flow filters are now available for DANVENT DV and TIME ec units. The City Flow filter can be selected as a 600 mm section, or a 750 mm section for lower pressure drop.

Filter media: Fibreglass and carbon with broad spectrum.

EN779:2012 efficiency: F7.

Temperature: 0-50°C in continuous operation.

Air humidity: 70% RH max.

City-Flo XL is an excellent air filter to improve Indoor air quality inOffice buildings, shopping centres, schools and other public buildings situated in urban areas with heavy traffic. City-Flo XL is also highly efficient at filtering ozone.

The filter can be selected as a 600 mm or a 750 mm section for lower pressure drop.

More information about the CityFlow filter can be found in Camfill’s product catalogue:


Divided rotor for DV60 and DV80

The function was removed some time ago because of technical issues. They are now solved and it is possible to select divided rotors in DV60 and DV80.


Run around coils

It is now possible to change connection side to the back side.


The “mirror supply unit” and “mirror extract unit” functions are moved to the “Unit” drop down menu.

DX coils in DV100 to DV150

It is possible to select DX cooling coils for DV100 to DV150. But we are struggling with an error in DV150. Coil calculation programme is giving an error during calculation.


The unit is not calculated because of this. The calculation only works, If fin spacing is set to 3,2 mm in the cooling coil dialog.

We are working on the issue, and I hope it will be solved for the next version.

Print out

Before / after relative humidity is added to the print out, for all coils types.


A new drawing of door and panel dimensions is added to the print out.


We place a second drawing of the inspection side on request. The original drawing only displays the function and section lengths. The purpose of this drawing, is to give an overview of the doors and panel dimensions, on the inspection side. 


The flow chart is corrected. Pre-heating is now displayed in the correct manor.


Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans will be available inside EU in the future.

M6 and F8 filter

M6 and F8 filters are available on the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese market. M6 as a 600 mm section, and F8 as 600 mm and 750 mm section.


  • DVCompact Supply units have added panel filter option
  • DVCompact Supply units have added electrical heater option
  • DVCompact units have high efficiency plate heat exchanger option