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This version is a hotfix solving a fiew important errors.

Energy optimizer

A new energy optimizer gives the opportunity to optimize the energy usage of the unit with a single click. The function is activated when the unit combination is defined.


Start by defining the Max SEL/SFP and the minimum heat recovery efficiency you will accept.


In the Optimize unit dialog, you can define what parameters the system should optimize the unit from.

Because of the calculation time, we recommend to select as few options as possible.

Pres ok and the system will present a list of the calculation results.





  • HEF2E HU-CELL glass fibre media designed and certified for the VDI6022 German standard with all tested hygienic components, easy access for service and perfectly design to avoid water deposits with in the unit.
  • HEF2 GlasPad glass fibre media. Fire proof media into an acceptable unit for most competitive markets.

Construction: Include evaporative pad, frame and basin in stainless steel, recirculation water pump and water supply pipe with regulation and closing valve, non stop bleed-off system with regulation valve and brass float valve for automatic feeding. Both versions are built with frames, basin and cassettes in Stainless Steel.  HEF2E version is counting with a SST float valve and HEF2 with a brass one. A GlasPad media droplet separator is included as an option and whenever air front velocity could cause a droplet carry-over risk.

Pump protection: All the units are equipped with a water level switch aimed to protect the pump motor in case of empty basin operation.

Fan safety screen

The fan safety screen is design to protect the user against the dangers of the rotating fan. The screen is installed in the doorway to prevent the user from getting in contact with the screen. If the unit is equipped with an inspection section after the plug fan, a screen will automatically be installed in this section as well. The screen is easy to install and uninstall with a standard tool.

Sorption rotor DV120 and DV150

Sorption rotors in unit size DV120 and DV150, are available as undivided and divided.

Weight of the unit

The weight of the unit is presented according to the selected delivery configuration.

DV150 delivered in sections


DV150 delivered mounted on base frame


DV150 base frame divided in 2 sections


Fan renamed

Our fan id is changed from ERxx to RHxx, to comply with our supplier id. 



  • Pricelist for DVCompact units available


  • DVCompact Extract units added


  • New sensors added for DVCompact flowchart
  • Expanded control system table
  • Updated items list in the printouts



  • Topvex SoftCooler SR added to the Topvex SR09 and 11 units. 


  • Adjusted position of supply air silencer for Topvex SR.
  • Adjusted positions on ducted components for TOPVEX FR. DXRE duct cooling coil added. 
  • Duct coolers for vertical units changed to horizontal view due to water condensation drainage. 
  • Adjusted duct connections for Topvex TR03 and 04 in left handed design.