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Release notes C2015-12.07.E5


New Eurovent label

The Eurovent energy labels is updated according to Eurovent publication RS 6/C/005-2016.

Page numbers on printout

Total number of pages is added in the printout. This means it is easier to see if all pages are present.


Danvent DV and TIME

New plate heat exchangers

In DV units we introduce a new Plate heat exchanger that replaces the old Standard and High efficiency plate heat exchangers.

The new heat exchanger can be delivered with different plate distances of 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 or 6.0 mm. A plate distance of 2.0 mm will give a high efficiency but also a high pressure lost, while a plate distance of 6.0 mm will give a low pressure lost but also a low efficiency.

Higher efficiency with Run around coils 

DV units with Run around coils can now be calculated with higher efficiency. It is obtained by opening up for coils with up to 24 rows.
Connections through the bottom DV10-50In DV units size DV10 to DV50 it is possible to select connection at the bottom.


Connections on the back

For roof units it is possible to select exhaust on the back. It is selected in the fan menu, and will automatically add a grill on the backside.







Eco-design is more relevant now than ever due to Regulation 1253 the new European law from 1st January 2016. DVCompact range was overlooked to meet new standards. 


New features in this release

Counter flow heat exchangers replaced cross flow exchangers up to size 50.



New casing dimensions of DVCompact supply units.



New size of SoftCooler DX -100 was added.





Updated flowsharts for Topvex SC.