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Release notes 2015.09.07.E3



SystemairCAD will calculate all values needed for Ecodesign demands for 2016 and 2018.

In the printout it is stated whatever a unit is “Approved” for Ecodesign or “Fails” Ecodesign.

Some checks can also result in a “Warning”. All Systemair fans requires a Variable Speed Drive (VSD), but some unit types can be delivered without control system and VSD. In those cases, the check will give a “Warning” that the customer must install a VSD with the control system.



Danvent DV & TIME

EC-Blue fans in Danvent DV

The range of EC-Blue fans in DV units is extended so EC-Blue fans can be delivered in all DV sizes.


New Sorption rotors with 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm wave height

The sorption rotary heat exchangers can also be delivered with 1.5 and 1.9 mm wave height.


New dataset for refrigerant R410a

The dataset for refrigerant R410a is updated, so condenser coils with R410a can be calculated with condensing temperatures above 45 °C.



Run aroun coil heat recovery

DVCompact  range has got a new alternative for heat recovery. A run around coil has completed the range of possible heat exchangers. This function is possible for stacked double deck units. A piping kit is a available at request as it is not a part of standard SystemairCAD functions. See the units configuration samples. 



Isolated dampers

DVCompact units now can be provided with dampers with isolated blades for North climate like Sweden, Finland and Russia. See the damper data.



Protection against freezing on coils

All water heating coils in DVCompact units can be provided with a capillary tube thermostat as an additional protection against freezing. See the control system data. 



Only high efficiency plate heat exchangers

In DVCompact range for plate heat exchanger range high efficiency is available as an only option now. Standard efficiency plate heat exchanger has been taken away as alternative. See the plate heat exchanger data.