Air handling units (AHU) for non-residentialventilation; (NRVU) > 250 [m³/h]

What does it mean?

For BVU’s (Bidirectional Ventilation Unit): AHU’s used in a balanced ventilation systemin a building (fans in supply-air and fans in extract-air) have to be equipped with a heat recovery system (HRS) and to contain filters in supply and extract-air. On top of that the electrical power consumption of the fans regarding these demands are restricted.

For UVU’s (Unidirectional Ventilation Unit): AHU’s which are part of a hybrid ventilation system (fans combined with natural supply or exhaust), have to meet minimum static fan efficiency, a F7 filter in supply air and a maximum power demand of the fan related to the ‘supply-filter’.


This Regulation shall not apply to ventilation units which:

  • When electric power input is less than 30 W (per air stream)
  • Axial or centrifugal fans, which are only equipped with a housing
  • Explosion-protected fans
  • Single stage smoke extraction fans, as long as theseare not used for daily ventilation on demand
  • Fans for transported media temperatures above 100°C
  • Fans for ambient temperatures above 65°C
  • Temperature of air stream or motor-surrounding under40°C
  • Supply voltage exceeds 1.000 V AC or 1.500 V DC
  • Fans for the extraction of aggressive media
  • AHU includes a heat exchanger and a heat pump for heat recovery
  • When applied for kitchen range hoods


Specific ecodesign requirements for non residential ventilation units from 01.01.2016 (intensification 2018)

  • All fans suitable for multi-speed-drive (min. 3 stepsplus 0) or variable-speed-drive. Controller can beexternal
  • All bidirectional ventilation units (BVU) have to be equipped with a heat-recovery-system (HRS)
  • All HRS shall have a thermal bypass facility (as bypass or control-function)
  • Minimum thermal efficiency HRS:

  • Minimum fan efficiency for UVU (ŋvu) amounts
  • 6.2% * ln(P) + 35.0%, when P ≤ 30 kW and 56.1%, when P > 30 kW.
  • Maximum internal specific fan power of ventilation components (SVLint_limit) in W/(m³/s) for a BVU with runaround HRS:1700 + E – 300 * qnom/2 – F, when qnom < 2 m³/sand 1400 + E – F, when qnom ≥ 2 m³/s; » for a BVU with other HRS:1200 + E – 300 * qnom/2 – F, when qnom < 2 m³/sand 900 + E – F, when qnom ≥ 2 m³/s; » 250 for an UVU intended to be used with a filter
  • Systemair provides the relevant data according Erp byselection of the unit.

Important terms and abbreviations

Air handling units (AHU): consisting at least of impeller, motor und casing

Residential ventilation unit (RVU): at air-flows up to 250 resp. 1.000 m³/h

Non-residential ventilation unit (NRVU): at air-flows above 1000 resp. 250 m³/h (at air-flows between 250 and 1000 m³/h the manufacturer has to declare if it is a RVU or a NRVU)

Heat recovery system (HRS): as part of a bidirectional ventilation unit

Unidirectional ventilation unit (UVU): Ventilation unit with only one air-flow (supply or exhaust), balanced by natural air supply or exhaust (over- or underpressure)

Bidirectional ventilation unit (BVU): ventilation unit with supply and exhaust air-flow (withboth supply and exhaust fans)

Multi-speed-drive (Multi-stage operation): min. 3 steps or more plus zero (off)

Speed controllable: stepless via integrated or external control unit


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