Polyanka 44

Moscow, Russia

The complex of elite mansions, which include 189 apartments with a total area of 26,500 square meters, in the historical center of Moscow.
In 2018, Polyanka / 44 became the prize-winner of the Architectural Heritage festival and took the second place in competition “The Best Object of Conservation and Development” as one of the best examples of the restoration of a historic building. 

The complex consists of eight buildings of variable height (from four to seven floors): three historical and five modern houses. On the upper floors there are penthouses with panoramic terraces up to 148 square meters, with a stunning view of the Moscow center.

Systemair SAVE VTC units provide individual ventilation for each apartment in the complex. All the entrances of the buildings are protected by Frico air curtains.

It is the first project in Russia where SAVE VTC units are applied in general for the entire residential complex.

The project requirements are:
• autonomous operation of every SAVE unit for every apartment;
• high energy efficiency and low noise level of all the products;
• possibility to connect the units to the control system of the building;
• no freezing of the heat exchangers in winter;
• easy service, commissioning and easy control for users;
• short delivery time.

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