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X-VVKN-B-S-300 difúzor
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The VVKN swirl diffuser with fixed blades is a comfortable air distribution element. The diffuser face is supplied with a radially alligned set of variously shaped blades, which guarantee an even distribution of swirl supply air into the occupied zone. The VVKN swirl diffuser can be installed onto an air duct using a plenum box with a horizontal or a vertical connection by a flexible circular tube or the SPIRO duct. VVKN can be used for both supply or extract air. The swirl diffuser with fixed blades enables an intensive swirl based on its swirl outlet. It can be used for ventilation, as well as supplying cold or warm air.

Material used

The diffuser can be manufactured with a circular or a square diffuser face made of galvanized steel. It is also possible to manufacture from stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316. The surface is powder-painted with a white RAL 9010 by default, other RAL types can be applied upon request. In the diffuser's center there is an opening for mounting the diffuser face using a screw. Every VVKN face includes a screw with a decrative white cap for its mounting onto a plenum box as well as a self-adhering seal, which needs to be placed onto the diffuser face during the mounting.


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