Shopping center Koningshoek, Maassluis

Systemair worked together with A. de Jong Installatietechniek B.V. to renovate four air handling units for the Koningshoek shopping center in Maassluis in the Netherlands.

The existing units were replaced with HHFlex air handling units with rotary heat exchangers. The heat recovery results in a considerable energy saving which in turn reduces the cost of heating the shopping center. A clear cost saving that was not possible with the previous air handling units.

In addition to the rotary heat exchangers, the units are equipped with their own control. This means that every air handling unit doesn’t need to be wired separately from a central control box, but a supply and data cable is enough. This saves a lot of time during the installation of the units.

Koningshoek shopping center is one of Systemair’s first projects where HHFlex air handling units with regulation have been delivered.

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