RAGNAROCK - Denmark's museum of rock, Roskilde

A wind and thermal natural ventilation solution supplies the museum with fresh air most of the year. For those days when extra ventilation is needed, a back up mechanical ventilation facility maintains a comfortable indoor climate.

This choice is owed to the fact that for long periods of the year, the weather conditions in the museums’s area are moderate. This provides a big potential for natural ventilation, but on days with unsuitable weather conditions or many visitors, a mechanical ventilation facility ensures optimal comfort and temperature. The new distinctive building is built in three storeys with a total gross area of 3 100 m2.

The ventilation contractor Poul Christensen A/S was in charge of the mechanical ventilation:

- We have handled VAV control, installation and fire protection of the mechanical ventilation facility. The three floors of the museums are divided into VAV zones, which are managed according to CO2 and temperature levels. For this project we chose three DV airhandling units from Systemair that are supplied with integrated cooling unit, because the cooling option was a requirement from the owner. The integrated cooling makes the units very compact which was important in relation to the available space in the technical room. Also, they lived up to the energy requirements, says Lars Dusinius, Contract Manager for ventilation at Poul Christensen A/S.

Altogether they are dimensioned to handle an air volume of 23 000 m3/h.

- Systemair has also supplied the VAV components and the fire dampers for the solution. In my opinion, the more components from the same supplier, the better. Both in relation to quality, interaction between the components and support, says Lars Dusinius.

RAGNAROCK was designed by the Dutch firm MVRDV in co-operation with the Danish firm COBE Architects. Consulting engineer were Weesberg A/S while B. Nygaard Sørensen A/S were the general contractor on the museum’s construction. RAGNAROCK opened in 2015.

Images: MVRDV and COBE Architects and RAGNAROCK

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