Jurassic Salmon, Poland

Szczecin, Poland

Jurassic Salmon is the world's first fully ecological Atlantic salmon farm using thermal water from 150 million years ago. It is the most modern and the most technologically advanced facility designed for breeding Atlantic salmon. It is also the first facility in the world to use saline geothermal water for this purpose, and the third to produce from egg to adult. It is worth noting that this is the largest plant of this type on the European continent located below the Jutland Peninsula.

Systemair devices ensure proper conditions in Jurassic Salmon:
• air handling units guaranteeing proper ventilation of the production hall and ensuring clean and fresh air in the office part,
• fan coils maintaining an appropriate temperature in the rooms,
• chillers with the WQH heat pump function to ensure that the right parameters are maintained during salmon farming. Each aggregate has a power of 330 kW, which in total gives almost 1MW of nominal cooling power.

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