Junior Living - Super efficient building production

From the first shovelful of dirt, to 124 fully built single room apartments in just 4 months, is it possible? Yes, with new thinking and planning, this is possible. One such project has already been completed in Knivsta. The next project will be in Västberga with 272 apartments.

Every apartment is built exactly the same, using prefabricated sandwich walls and ceilings. The interior is custom made and fits perfectly. The 32m2 apartments are fully constructed, inspected and tested before they are covered with weather guards, ready for delivery.

At the construction site, a framework is built and the modules are then inserted into it. Once they are in place, electricity, water, and drains are connected to the units. Each module has its own ventilation system which makes the construction process efficient, allowing you to avoid unnecessary installations at the construction site.

Due to having a combined bedroom, living room and kitchen, the air handling unit had to be very silent. Our efficient SAVE VTR150 was chosen for the job as it met the strict 30dB(A) limit placed on the unit. Together with the SAVE VTR150 unit we also delivered air distribution products BOR supply valves and EFF exhaust valves.

Bevego and Systemair deliver a complete package where everything gets to the factory in time, nothing is stored or built outside.

This concept has garnered a lot of attention from the market and the most recent customer is Svenska Bostäder. Prefabricated, efficient and short construction times makes this a project we are proud to take part in!

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