Business center "Rent House"

Kiev, Ukraine

The business center “Rent House” is situated in a central part of the city not far from Lybidska metro station. The building has a class of B+, and its total area is 5247 m2. The ventilation system is based on duct fans which in total has an airflow of 30 000 m3/h. The duct system is a compact solution for zone ventilation. LG air curtains help separate the different ventilation zones, making it possible to have open doors without any drafts or significant heat loss.

Systemair products used:

  • K, KD and KVKF duct fans
  • TFER roof fans
  • LG air curtains
  • VBC heating coils
  • Accessories: RSK, LDC, LDR, FGR, RE, RTRE and more.
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