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Ordering code:  DKIR1 – DN - X

DKIR1 = single compartment round smoke damper

DN = nominal diameter of the smoke damper in mm

X = type of activating mechanism:

-       DV7 = actuator 230 V AC + auxiliary switches

-       DV9 = actuator 24 V AC/DC + auxiliary switches

-       DV9-ST = actuator 230 V AC + auxiliary switches + supply and communication unit BKNE230-24

Example of the ordering code:


Round smoke damper for one fire compartment DN = 630 mm, with actuator 24 V AC/DC with auxiliary switches and with supply and communication unit BKNE230-24.


Smoke damper (hereafter referred to as damper) is a component of SHEVS (smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems) and has two safety positions:

1. open - to enable exhaust of heat and smoke via special fan from fire compartment in which occur fire accident or

2. closed - to stop the spread of heat and smoke to the fire compartment without fire.


DKIS1 has rectangular casing made of a zinc coated sheetmetal. Damper blade is made of calciumsilicate boards. Closed damper is sealed by an active intumescent sealing to avoid the spread of the heat and smoke. Flanges are used for connection of the damper DKIS1 to a duct.

DKIR1 has round casing made of a zincplated sheetmetal. Metal covered blade has fire resistant board inside. Spiro safe sealing is used for connection of the damper DKIR1 to a duct.

The closing and opening of all smoke dampers is performed by a servomotor 230 or 24V. The 24 V servomotor can be connected through supply and communication unit to various control systems.


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