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The clean filtering cassettes for clean areas are intended for filtering the air supplied into areas with high requirements for hygiene and dust-free environment, such as operating rooms, intensive care units, laboratories, dust-free manufacturing areas etc. It is possible to install filters that have a filtration class up to H14 with rubber sealings or gel gaskets into the filtering cassettes for the highest possible tightness.


The design range enables clean filtering cassette selection

• for mounting into different types of ceilings as well as walls.
• for narrowed-down ceiling spaces with a clearance height of 300 mm.
• for horizontal and vertical supply air ducts.
• for less challenging applications with lower price requirements.
• for the highest requirements for supply air cleanliness  and airtightness of the ventilation elements.
• with front panels with diffuser functionality and ventilation grilles with different air flow patterns for installation heights up to 4m from the occupied zone.
• with an option to check the filter tightness and clogging level by measurement, with a simple maintenance.

Information about accessories for CFC is available in TPI38_CFC_EN_201402.pdf in documentation tab.


• VN, VR, AQ, SF, PP - Front diffuser panels
• NA - Ventilation grille
• Ledge for mounting into the ceiling


Material used
All the clean filtering cassette types are manufactured from a steel sheet with a powder lacquer surface finish, white RAL9010 gloss 30 as standard. The structural joints on the clean filtering cassette casings are consistently welded to ensure the cassette airtightness in front of as well as behind the filter.
Type B's (basic) joints in front of the filter are spot point welded, which means they are, from the tightness perspective, sufficient for applications that do not require absolute tightness.
The sealing areas for the filters are smooth for rubber sealings for types C, B, R, W. For type G the blade sealing area is used for the gel gasket.
The filter installation into the clean filtering cassette and sealing pressure onto the sealing areas for types C, B, R, W are ensured by 4 thread pressure mechanisms in the filtering cassette corners. Type G uses 4 spring mechanisms in the filtering cassette corners.

The ceiling filtering cassette types are delivered with two types of diffuser fitting surface designs - the filtering cassette face in the fitting area can be ended either with an alignment rim (type 1) or without it (type 2).
For the type 2 fitting surface, the front panels (diffusers) are mounted either using one central bolt into the mounting bridge, or using four bolts in the filtering cassette corners. More specific details regarding the fitting surface types, their mounting and their purpose
assignment for different installation approaches can be found in TPI 38_CFC_EN_201402.pdf ín documentation tab. The front panels (diffusers) supplied along with the ceiling filtering
cassettes correspond in type names, parameters and design with the standard Systemair diffusers.

The wall filtering cassette type is by default delivered including a ventilation grille NOVA-A.


Mounting is available in TPI38_CFC_EN_201402.pdf in documentation tab.

• "dirty side" of the box spot welded, "clean side" hermetically welded
• Ceiling installation
• Flat rubber gasket filter sealing surface
• Air non-tight circular connection, horizontal
• Front plate fixing type 1 (1 central bolt) or type 4 (4 edge bolts)
• Front plate fitting surface type 1 (for plaster ceiling) or type 2 (for T-bar or plate ceiling)


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