Nowa Mlynowa Apartments, Poland

Białystok, Poland

Nowa Młynowa Apartments is a building with a height of 6 to 8 floors with commercial premises on the ground floor and underground car park.
Adequate living and fire ventilation conditions in the garage are met thanks to the complete system supplied by Systemair. The jet ventilation system not only cares for the right amount of ventilation air, but is also intended to provide appropriate evacuation conditions and safety for rescue teams in the event of a fire hazard.

The Systemair jet ventilation system includes:
• AXC (F) smoke exhaust main fans for removing smoke outside the building.
• AXC main main fans, removing contaminated air outside the building area.
• AXC aeration fans to compensate for smoke removed.
• AJR (F) reversible smoke exhaust fans, which not only dilute household dirt in the garage and pump air from supply points to the air extraction, but also support the operation of rescue teams in the event of a fire.
• SMOKE-CONTROL-SYS power and control boards, which are the heart of the whole system,
controlling the operation of devices, depending on the demand.

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