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The PB-VVKN is a side entry square uninsulated side entry plenum box for the VVKN swirl diffusers. Its main use is the reduction of speed and pressure thus reducing the duct born noises in the upstream of the diffuser. It is Designed for supply (with Perforated equalizing plate) or return air (without Perforated equalizing plate).  Plenum box can be equipped with single blade balancing damper (Code: D1) or measuring station damper Zeus (Code: D2) to facilitate the balancing and commissioning.

The VVKN plenum box is manufactured from galvanized steel sheet. The plenum assembly contains a central fixing screw mounting to facilitate the diffuser installation.

The plenum box can be insulated internally on request with 13mm Airfelt insulation for temperatire and light acoustic insulation (Code: I1).

The plenum box is mounted to the ceiling with threaded drop rods through openings provided above the plenum section.


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