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TUNE-S units are constructed from sheet steel frame and Aluminium profile blades. The frame construction contains a robust flanged mounting frame to assure the sturdiness of the unit and to facilitate the mounting to upstream and downstream ducts. The aerofoil blades are opposed action and are constructed from extruded aluminium and enforce corrosionfree throughout the blade to add rigidity and reduce the pressure loss and sound levels which may be contributed to airflow stream passing over the blades. The blades are equipped by rubber gaskets eliminating leakage in closed position. The blade axe are sitting in self lubricating bearings which are connected together by a gear wheel - rod combination to assure a smooth ratio and transition from blade to blade.

Tune-S is a control and shut off damper for rectangular ducts. It is available in with blade tightness class C3 or C4 depending on the size, tested according to EN 1751. It is ideal for use as a control and shut-off damper where different parts of the system need to be airtight
separated from each other because of the dangerous materials contained in the air (surgery rooms). It can also be used as a shut-off damper for air handling units, combined with a spring return actuator. In case of power outage the damper can maintain a fully closed position. The damper's special construction allows external insulation up to 50 mm. The damper can be supplied in a manual or motorized version with an integrated position indicator. The maximum allowed temperature is 100°C.The maximum duct pressure is 1000 Pa.

Tune-S is mounted into the ductwork by a standard flange. The fixing bolts, nuts, clips and gaskets shall be delivered by the installation company. The damper cannot be installed carrying any mechanical loads from other structures.


Actuator versions

H - handle (hand operated)

M0 - preparation for actuator

M1 - 230V rotary actuator

M2 - 24V rotary actuator

*M3 - 24V, 0-10V operated actuator

M4 - 230V spring return actuator

M5 - 24V spring return actuator

M6 - 24V, 0-10V spring return actuator


* current version



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