Rejolar School, Valencia

Rejolar School in Aldaia has become the first public school in the Valencian Community to be air-conditioned. It has thus become a point of reference in times of COVID19, in which classroom ventilation has become a point of discussioin in schools in our country. Ventilation through windows is not a very efficient method. Ventilation through air handling units  helps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, as the relative humidity can be regulated. In very dry indoor environments, diseases spread more easily. 

At Rejolar school 4 DV air handling units have been used: one in the nursery area, one in the gymnasium and two in the primary area. The flow rates of these units have ranged from 2,520 m3/h to 19,480 m3/h. Systemair has also supplied 4 chillers, two Syscrolls and one Sysaqua. In addition, PGK cooling coils of different models have been used.

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