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Topvex SR – Compact unit with rotary heat recovery

available in 5 sizes with air flows up to 5.940 m3/h

Topvex SR is a series of compact air handling units with rotary heat recovery. It has been a popular product since a number of years and now it has gone through a comprehensive brush-up not only on the surface.

Topvex SR is equipped with rotary heat exchanger. The efficiency is high and above 80% at the units recommended airflow.

The new version of Topvex SR has also a completely new set of fans. With that comes of course improved performance in terms of efficiency and sound. The fan packages are also better when it comes to easy handling during maintenance.

Improved internal and external air tightening increases the unit’s energy efficiency. 

Thanks to the new fans the sound level has been reduced with 5 dB(A) as an average.

The unit is available for constant or demand controlled air flow and is supplied complete with controls to facilitate installation and commissioning. As standard Topvex also have several integrated possibilities of connecting to building management systems.