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Systemair Geniox air handling units

A sustainable step forward

Geniox air handling units are Eurovent certified for the leakage class L1(M)...

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Under, Norway

Europe's first underwater restaurant

A restaurant five and a half meters below the surface, equipped with ventilation by Systemair AS.

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Systemair Geniox air handling units: a sustainable step forward

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Systemair continues to improve its Geniox air handling unit range. The updated casing with L1(M) leakage class further increases the unit’s already high energy efficiency – minimizing heat loss and thermal bridges to save energy and ensure the highest operating efficiency. The tighter the unit, the less energy the motor needs. In addition, the casing protects the inside functions and is very effective for thermal and sound insulation.

Yet another benefit is hygiene. The unit’s L1 class is especially important for hospitals, pharmacies and other application areas with strict hygiene criteria. If the air handling unit is not as tight as possible, a negative pressure in a section can cause outside air to draw in. As a result, supply air could be contaminated. The L1 leakage class of the air handling unit is an ultimate demand for the projects with high hygiene criteria.

Geniox units are smart enough to be the heart of any modern ventilation system. You can find the best solution for any project or industry and reduce your energy consumption. The units employ the latest advances in energy recovery technology. The casing is designed to reduce any energy loss in the process.

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The design program SystemairCAD informs you about the projected energy class of your chosen unit. In SystemairCAD, you also have the possibility to calculate the lowest energy consumption combined with the best possible fan for VAV operation by applying alternative operating points. SystemairCAD calculations are certified by Eurovent.

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