The new range of Air Cooled Chillers fits the ErP 2021 energy efficiency requirements

Meet our new SYSCREW 380-1260 AIR EVO HSE with Inverter Screw Compressors

Covering a cooling capacity from 370 kW to 1.2 MW this new range represents a step ahead in terms of environmental respect and technological innovation. Thanks to the combination of the variable refrigerant flow management, use of a new safe refrigerant with low environmental impact, EC fans and innovative software logic, the new range is fully compliant to the challenging Erp 2021 efficiency requirements.

The unit has two refrigerant circuits with a hybrid combination between inverter driven and fixed speed Screw compressors. This technical solution optimizes seasonal cooling efficiency (SEER) and guarantees extended envelope operation and noise reduction.

Intelligent software logic provides clever management of compressors, EC-fan motors and water pumps. That increases the efficiency of the unit, reduces the sound level and provides safety and stable operation. The innovative technology provides low energy consumption, and, as a result, a fast return on investment.

Product advantages

  • High seasonal efficiency - two refrigerant circuits with hybrid combination between inverter driven and fixed speed Screw compressors
  • Pure countercurrent shell and tubes direct expansion heat exchanger
  • EC fan motors
  • Micro-channels condensers
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Hydronic / heat recovery options
  • R513A refrigerant with low GWP
  • Cooling capacities from 366 to 1241 kW
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced sound level

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