Geniox - The next generation of air handling units

Sometimes things just click. That was what happened when we created Geniox – the next generation of air handling units with a number of innovative solutions. Read about Geniox and you will click too.

Geniox offers a range of functions to make up the heart of any ventilation system. The air handling units offer an energy efficient ventilation solution for commercial, hygiene, marine and industrial applications. The Geniox family can handle airflows from 750-48.000 m3/h (0,2 - 13,3 m3/s). This level of flexibility means that we can offer an optimised solution regardless of your project and industry.

We can configure Geniox for you in the design program SystemairCAD. You can also try it yourself. It is free to download from our website. In SystemairCAD, you can optimise the air handling unit to your needs and to the lowest possible energy consumption.

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