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Introducing Geniox Core

A pre-configured air handling unit with small
footprint, flexible installation options and
fast delivery.

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Systemair Geniox air handling units

A sustainable step forward

Geniox air handling units are Eurovent certified for the leakage class L1(M)...

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Under, Norway

Europe's first underwater restaurant

A restaurant five and a half meters below the surface, equipped with ventilation by Systemair AS.

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Healthy air in your home

If your ventilation unit is the heart pumping fresh, healthy air into your home, SAVE Controls is the brain..

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What is good Indoor Air Quality?

There are many parameters that affects how we feel about the indoor air quality.

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Asia‘s first AMCA accredited laboratory

Systemair today has 23 technology groups at 13 technology centres in 16 countries across 3 continents. The Indian technical centre in Greater Noida unit has Asia’s first AMCA accredited laboratory for measurements as per AMCA 210 & AMCA 300 standards. The technical centre has most modern facilities for measuring air flow, sound levels and pressure & energy consumption. The measurements performed in the lab are in compliance with EN 12238.

Systemair has been constantly working towards, embracing concepts that are innovative and driven by engineering excellence. The company has made considerable investments in setting up benchmarked Technical Centres worldwide that have taken research and development to the next level.  

The Indian Technical Centre of Systemair, boasting latest testing technology has made a milestone achievement, as being one of the first laboratory in India to qualify for AMCA accreditation. The laboratory has received AMCA accreditation for AMCA 210 & 300 standards for air and sound performance measurements. AMCA 210 describes the Air performance & AMCA 300 describes the Sound performance. The laboratory in India has can measure airflows up to 45,000 CFM and pressures varying up to 3000 Pa.

The Lab’s reverberant room has a separated inner room against viberation, it supports Low frequency absorption with resonance attenuators, simultaneous testing of noise and air flow measuring according to AMCA 300. The Air Flow chamber can measure airflows up to 45000 CFM, for fan parameters at actual design condition.


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