What is Save Controls?

New intelligent and user friendly control system for SAVE units

If the ventilation unit is the heart bringing fresh and clean air into your home, then the control system is the brain. SAVE is a range of high efficiency and low energy units certified by Eurovent. SAVE Controls is the new control system that makes it simple and easy to control your indoor air with only a few touches.

Easy to use

The new Systemair SAVE control panel is included in all SAVE ventilation units as standard and can be mounted on the wall on a hallway or kitchen for example if needed. The control panel has a user friendly easy to use interface. The display shows the air flow, temperature, active modes and other functions.

Preset modes and control functions

All functions can be seen on the control panel main screen and changed easily, when needed. AUTO and MANUAL modes or preset functions such as Away, Holiday, Crowded, Refresh or Fireplace makes it very easy and fast to set ventilation according to your personal needs.

Control functions, such as temperature and demand control, relative humidity, defrosting, cooling recovery/free cooling control, ECO mode and BMS connection functions can be set easily and ensures perfect indoor climate.

Smartphone app

The new SAVE control panel and user friendly interface gives full control over the ventilation in your home. If you want you can even access the system no matter where you are through your smartphone by adding the accessory IAM (Internet Access Module). This will ensure that you always have the best possible indoor air, while also helping to save energy for your home ventilation.

Read more about the benefits HERE.

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