Geniox - The next generation of Air Handling Units

Sometimes things just click. That was what happened when we created Geniox – the next generation of air handling units with a number of innovative solutions. Read here about Geniox and You will click too.

That was what happened when we created Geniox – the next generation of air handling units with a number of innovative features. It comes with our outstanding selection software and a new high performance casing system that makes Geniox extremely scalable. In other words, it is easier than ever to customize the best possible ventilation solution for your requirements. Easier for the engineer, easier for the installer, easier for the facility manager and easier for you. Geniox simply is the smartest, easiest way to superior Indoor Air Quality. 

Geniox offers a wide range of functions to make up the heart of any ventilation system. The air handling units offer an energy efficient ventilation solution for commercial, institutional and light industrial applications. The Geniox family can handle airflows from 1,380 to 16,310 cfm. This level of flexibility means that we can offer an optimized solution regardless of your project or industry.

Geniox is designed to combine performance and quality usually only found in full custom AHU’s with the lead time and convenience of a modular air handling unit. Geniox is one of Systemair’s newest Intelligent Ventilation products built specifically for the North American market, in North America.

Geniox | Applications

Optimal indoor climate for commercial construction

Commercial spaces offer an exciting challenge to the building owner and consultant. Geniox offers the most efficient solution for optimizing energy consumption when the space is sparsely occupied. Our intelligent factory supplied controls and solutions that monitor, control and react to dynamically changing occupancy and can prioritize energy efficiency or minimize ventilation rates. Geniox can be equipped with a vast array of heating and cooling options that give the owner and consultant traditional and modern climate control solutions. Geniox can be applied anywhere from minor premises to apartments, retail stores and multifunctional business complexes.


Best in class performance

When designing an HVAC system for an educational facility, many factors must be considered. One constant is that utility bills reduce spending that could otherwise be used to maintain the facility or even improve the educational program. With variable speed EC fans, integral energy recovery, and factory ready full economizer, for use in a central system or a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) AHU, Geniox clicks all the right boxes. When you combine VRF and Geniox, you now have the most energy efficient refrigeration system on the market. Geniox provides a healthy teaching environment, while saving energy and protecting the environment at the same time.


For a healthy indoor climate

Air cleanliness is important for healthcare facilities and Systemair can offer you a healthy solution with Geniox. Select from MERV13 pleated or MERV14 bag filters to control filtration and provide healthier environments for dental, family doctor, chiropractic and other medical clinics. Ensure exhaust air does not mix with fresh air with our two core energy recovery options. Or if energy savings is your priority but you need to ensure VOC’s leave the building our 4 angstrom energy recovery wheel ensures that only water molecules are transferred to the incoming fresh air. Additionally, we provide a solution with low energy consumption, central control and easy maintenance.

Your home away from home

Comfort, convenience, and construction are the critical factors when evaluating your HVAC solution for office spaces. Office buildings require good ventilation during the day, and depending on location, heat recovery and reheating of supply air. Geniox with demand control ventilation is a perfect choice for varying staffing levels. The modular construction allows for easy integration, elevator loading and installation of the central system to your office building. Select from indoor or outdoor models and multiple casing sizes to configure the best solution for your office building zones. Geniox is also designed to ensure low noise levels for better comfort and productivity.

Guaranteed productivity

Even a small disturbance in industrial production may incur high costs. Geniox air handling units offer reliability in all conditions and are easy to maintain. Whether you require very high or low temperatures, Geniox light Industrial air handling units can be customized to your needs.

Innovative Features

High Performance Casing provides the best choice for minimal energy loss.

Panels. Elimination of thermal bridges due to separation between inner skin and outer skin with a plastic gasket on the edges and removing metal-to-metal contact.

Frame/Profiles with high corrosion resistance; external powder coated, galvanized steel profiles; internal AluZink.

Corners designed of ABS thermoplastic polymer ensures minimal thermal bridging.

Handles and hinges. Easy to disassemble all doors and provide a space-saving solution that is easy to service.

Compact Bag Filters MERV9 and MERV14 ensure a low initial differential pressure.

Energy recovery exchangers are available: Wheel (Sensible, Enthalpy) and Plate Exchanger (Sensible, Enthalpy).


Fan/motors ensure your selection of the most energy-efficient system: EC motor, AC motor, or fan arrays.


Dampers with aerodynamically profiled blades and best in class low leakage. Tightness class 1A (AMCA 500-D).


Fully Tested Control System for BMS communication configured via control panel; BACnet MS/TP. Geniox can be delivered without control system or installed with your 3rd party controls.


VRF Integration. Custom factory installed VRF will make integration simple and easy.

Service windows provide a large area for easy inspection.

Transportation. Casing design and standard packaging allows for easy transportation.

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