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Why work at Systemair?

Your mandate: contribute to indoor air quality.

We are committed to developing innovative, beneficial, and forward-looking products that improve people’s lives.

Are you a good fit for Systemair?

Every person is unique and we appreciate your individuality and believe that diversity is an asset for our company.

Are you looking for balance? 

We understand that there is more to life than work. To help our employees give their best, we actively support them in striking a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

Do you want to have a change of scenery sometimes? 

Gaining different perspectives can promote new ideas that you and our company benefit from. When employees want a change, we help them make it happen.

Do you think the future starts today? 

So do we. In the spirit of our company founder, Gerald Engström, we have actively shaped the future for more than 40 years by developing innovative solutions for future generations.


For more than 40 years, we've been doing some amazing things at Systemair every day. Systemair is a first-rate global organization with the power to create the best products, employ the best people, and do the best work for our customers and the communities we inhabit. We have changed the world with many landmark innovations in the last century. Play a role in what happens next in this millennium at Systemair!

Do we have your dream job?

Do you have professional experience? Are you ready for a fresh challenge?

From product development to manufacturing, from purchasing to sales, from financial planning to marketing, we offer challenging responsibilities – on all levels. Systemair's philosophy of enhancing and furthering our employees’ careers are based on the premise that challenged, enthusiastic, rewarded, and hopeful employees do better work. At Systemair, you'll be encouraged to grow, learn, advance, and thrive. We believe potential should be realized and we'll work with you to get there. Your success is our success!

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