DVC-P 30H-460-3 Roof fan
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• Airflow up to 7,000 cfm
• 100% controllable fan
• Low noise emissions and safe operation
• Integrated pressure sensors
• Constant pressure operation
• Speed control via 0-10 Vdc from BMS or other source


With its EC motor, the DVC fan is suitable for roof-mounted exhaust applications where high operating efficiency and/or demand-based exhaust rates are desired.


The DVC models are driven by external rotor EC-motors with high efficiency. The input voltage for single phase units can vary between 200 and 277V, for three phase units between 380 and 480V. All motors are suitable for 60Hz and are suspended on effective vibration dampers. Casing is manufacturd from seawater-resistant aluminum, base frame is made from galvanised steel. Backward curved impellers manufactured from seawater resistant aluminium.

Speed contol

The DVC fan motor's speed is controlled via a 0-10Vdc signal. The motor provides a +10V reference that can be used by a remotely-mounted potentiometer (such as MTP 10). The motor can also be controlled by an externally-provided 0-10Vdc signal that can come from any device or a Building Management System (BMS). The fan's motor also provides operational speed (tachometer pulse) output that can be used to verify fan operation. These control features allow the DVC to be integrated into and play an active role in smart HVAC systems in buildings.

Motor protection

The motor is integrated with electronic protection to ensure safe operation.