Basics of heat recovery


Heat recovery units are ideal for use in houses, small offices and similar spaces – with an optimum exchange programme: the ventilation unit guides air extracted from the kitchen and bathroom to the outside. Fresh outdoor air is drawn into the unit via the pipe system. Here up to 88 % of the heat from the extract air is transferred to the supply air via a heat exchanger, which is then supplied back to the living and sleeping quarters.


Ventilation systems with heat recovery offer users a high degree of living comfort thanks to temperaturecontrolled and clean air. Here, important criteria are cleanliness, heating and humidity. Systemair has an eye on the future too. The potential for energy-saving exceeds even future requirements.

Considering the many advantages, your customers' decision shouldn't be whether to use heat recovery or not, but just which type of heat recovery to use.

A perfect exchange and a perfect indoor climate – the most important advantages of units with heat recovery

  • Thermal comfort
  • Lower heating requirement
  • Lower ventilation heat losses
  • Preheating of the supply air
  • Considerable energy-saving potential
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