Selection software for Air Distribution Products

With the new selection software you are able to make a quick selection from our large range of air valves, grilles and diffusers together with accessories.

The new software allows the user to find appropriate product based on temperature, power, airflow, sound, pressure or throw value. It allows you to see detailed technical parameters in diagram or exact dimensions in a drawing. When the product selection is finished you can generate a report in a pdf format with all important information.

You can select metric or imperial units.

The software is available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Persian, Dutch and Swedish.

How to install
1. Download the file from ADP Software
2. Double click the instalation file and install

• You can now change language dynamically without restarting the program
• You can now change units without restarting the program
• You can now change Number of Suggestions in quick selection window
• Changes in the user interface of the Cart Tab
• You can now generate report in any language
• New products & sizes have been added
• Activation Code has been removed from the software
• Improved auto update feature
• Bug fixes

For any question, errors and feedback please send an email to