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M.AQA16 DCI TRI Čillers
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Technical feature

-6 sizes
-Cooling capacity from 5,0 to 14,5 kW
-Heating capacity from 5,5 to 16,0 kW
-Operating Range:from -5 to 46 °C cooling and from -15 to 27 °C heating
-DC Inverter technology: Compressor and outdoor fan motor
-One refrigerant circuit with DC compressor
-Blue fin coil
-LWT up to +55 °C in heating mode, outdoor temperature down
to -15 °C.
-Bi-flow electronic expansion valve as standard
-Stainless steel plate heat exchanger with antifreeze protection
-Centrifugal pump as standard
-Operating low water content in the plant

Accessories and options

-Automatic circuit breaker (standard)
-Coil grilles (standard)
-Fan speed control (standard)
-Remote on/off
-Sequence phases control (standard)
-Softstart (standard)
-Water differential pressure switch (standard from 10 to 16)
-Water flow switch ( standard from 5 to 7 )


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