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PDF Hand dryer of modern design in stainless steel.

HD2C is a hand dryer of modern design in stainless steel intended to be installed in public sanitary areas such as restrooms and dressing rooms.

HD2C is easy to keep clean and with it’s rounded top, objects cannot be placed on the hand dryer. No paper towel waste and the premises are kept nice and clean.

Operation and economy
HD2C is easy to install and to use. When the built-in photocell detects the user’s hands, the hand dryer starts automatically and stops a few seconds after the removal of the hands. The fast and comfortable heat in the powerful air stream dries the hands efficiently.

To use the HD2C is economical. The cost for the energy is only a small part of the cost of buying and handling paper towels.

Hand dryer HD2C has a stainless steel housing of modern design.


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