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Single skin rectangular or square Variable air flow control terminal unit is commonly used for supply air applications or for return air applications at low to medium system pressures. Optima-S VAV terminal units are ideal for multi-zone control with supply and return in Master and Slave setup such as offices, hotel rooms or meeting rooms where the required cooling and heating load will vary on demand.

• Damper tightness class 3 or 4 (depending on size)
according to EN 1751
• Casing tightness class C according to EN 1751
• High measuring accuracy of 5%
• Air volume range of 144 to 56160 m3/h
• Operating range of up to 1000 Pa

Accessories for OPTIMA-S:
• Attenuators Optima-ASB

Silencers are available to reduce the discharge sound
power levels when required.

Optima-S units are constructed from sheet steel frame and Aluminium profile blades. The frame construction contains a robust flanged mounting frame to assure the sturdiness of the unit and to facilitate the mounting to upstream and downstream ducts.


The aerofoil blades are opposed action and are constructed from extruded aluminium and enforce corrosionfree throughout the blade to add rigidity and reduce the pressure loss and sound levels which may be contributed to airflow stream passing over the blades. The blades are equipped by rubber gaskets eliminating leakage in closed position. The blade axe are sitting in self lubricating bearings which are connected together by a gear wheel - rod combination to assure a smooth ratio and transition from blade to blade. The pressure difference averaging measuring cross is applied for a precise flow measurement and control.

Available sizes:
200 × 100 mm to 1200 × 1000 mm with steps of 50 mm
in height and length

The VAV terminal units are as standard equipped with BLC (Belimo compact) controllers (LMV-D3 or NMV-D3) without any bus- communication capability to be used as stand alone or in master and slave setting. The compact controllers are equally available with MPBus*,
ModBus and LON communication capability. On demand as alternative, gateway communication units can be provided and can be connected later in time to building management systems to create a zone control by creating bus-rings solutions (only possible if MP-Bus* or Modbus communication is installed).

VAV and Compact controllers are factory calibrated as standard to the air volume indicated in the table or upon request can be adjusted to site required settings prior to dispatch on Vmin and Vmax range. The air volumes can also be readjusted on site with ZTH-Gen hand held
service tool or, for the type OPTIMA-S-...GO... by dials on the controller. If specific air volumes for Vmin and Vmax would be required, this must be indicated prior to order of the units for adequate calibration in the factory.

*• BLC1 = Belimo LMV-D3 compact controller WITH MP-Bus communication
• BLC4 = Belimo LMV-D3 compact controller WITHOUT MPBus communication
• BLC1-MOD = Belimo LMV-D3 compact controller WITH MODBUS communication
• GO = Compact controller with parametrizing dials and display for immediate adjustment at site.

On duct installations after elbow, reduction, T-branch etc. L to be min. 3 times duct equivalent effective diameter (Deff).
If L can not be respected, then minimum of 2 × Deff with perforated equalizing grid should be installed


* current version




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