AXC-EX 800-9/18°-4 Vent. Vent.
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  • Stock range, short delivery time
  • Aerofoil impeller
  • Die cast aluminium hub and blades
  • Casing, hot dip galvanized steel, to EN ISO 1641
  • Aluminium anti-spark ring
  • Spun flanges for high rigidity, to Eurovent standart
  • Three phase motors, IP55, insulation class F, in accordance with EN 60034, IEC 85. Supplied with terminal box Ex e mounted at the outer side of the casing.
  • Admissible ambient temperatures from -20°C to +60°C
  • Inspection hole to verify correct direction of rotation


The AXC-EX range of long cased medium pressure axial fans is available in sizes 315 up to 900mm impeller diameter. The stock range offers a standard selection with maximum airflow for the installed motor power. The fans could be used for zones 1 or 2, field of application II, for gases of groups IIA, IIB and IIC and temperature classes T1 to T4. The fans are classified to category 2G. The fans are certified under the no Sira 07ATEX6341X. The Ex d motors are equipped with PTC thermistors for optimum motor protection. The motor is speed controllable by frequency converter. Terminal box with removable assembly flange.



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