DVCompact units with heat reco
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• 12 sizes
• Airflow up to 40 000 m3/h
• Rotating, cross flow, counter flow heat exchanger or run-around coils 
• With and without enclosed controls 
• Communication with Modbus, EXOline & TCP/IP
• Easy to select with an intelligent software - SystemairCAD

DVCompact is a series of efficient air handling units designed for offices, shops, schools, daycare centres or similar premises. The units are specially designed to meet the future energy requirements of high heat recovery efficiency and low power consumption. To guarantee the high heat recovery efficiency, the unit is designed for low airflow velocity.

The range of units is available in twelve sizes for air flows up to 40000 m3/h and can be supplied with or without control equipment. DVCompact is always supplied in sections (3 sections). Its functional elements are no larger than can be transported on a pallet truck, and can pass through most door openings.

Compact design and quick assembly of the functional elements with disk-lock system and quick release connections on the electrical side shortens installation time and provides a cost effective installation.

The DVCompact comes standard with integrated controls. Components of the control system are marked by a cross marking system. The control system comes pre-configured and tested from the factory. Each unit has a control cabinet with easy access and a total of 28 inputs and outputs available for use. Between each unit section there are quick connectors, and a control panel for the frequency converter which is placed on the front panel of the unit for easier control. This makes for problem free and quick commissioning of the unit.

DVCompact E28 is supplied as standard with RS-485 serial port to Modbus, EXOline and TCP/IP. A communication port to LON is available as option.

Status of the unit can be checked via phones with Android operating systems. You can acknowledge alarms and adjust settings such as start and stop times, temperature set point and air flow. The Android App can be downloaded from the Android Market at no charge.

Capacity and technical data are calculated by the software - SystemairCAD. Within a few minutes it's possible to get the preferred configuration of the units and accessories.
SystemairCAD can be downloaded from http://www.systemair.com/Global/Support/Software-tools/SystemairCAD/


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