Amager Bakke, Copenhagen

Systemair has supplied 24 air handling units and AXC axial fans to Amager Bakke.

Amager Bakke is an impressive construction. With a total air volume of 320 000 m3/h, it is a large ventilation project. Systemair was chosen as supplier of 24 Danvent DV air handling units (sizes DV50 to DV150) as well as AXC axial fans for fire ventilation.

The population in Copenhagen is steadily increasing. This makes it necessary to think in new and alternative solutions. With its ground-breaking, multi functional industrial architecture, Amager Bakke is an ambitious suggestion to how a green energy facility can be combined with recreational areas that promote adventure, play and movement.

A huge artificial hill (in Danish: bakke) has been established on the roof area, where it will be possible to go skiing in the winter.

Image: ARC

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