Stairways Pressure Differential Systems

Important for save live and for a fast fire fighting

In the case of fire, it is not just for the people fleeing that smoke gases present the greatest threat. It also puts the rescue service personnel at risk and hinders their work. Therefore, electronically-controlled overpressure systems bring a new dimension to fire protection. With a simple switch, the fire services can switch the supply air fans to maximum power, limiting the need for mobile fans to be used, or even making them unnecessary. This means that electronic overpressure systems do not just support self-rescue, but also provide additional protection against smoke gases for the firefighting personnel, even at high fire temperatures. They provide clear visibility and generally make it possible to reach the source of the fire more quickly.


Systemair is the leading company when it comes to combining EC motor technology and frequency converter control technology. An airtight building with low leakage places higher demands on the planning and implementation of smoke extraction concepts. When designing an overpressure system, the smoke extraction fans required for smoke extraction in internal shafts play a significant role. Uniting both systems – smoke extraction and the overpressure system – into a functioning overall concept is the latest development from Systemair.

Benefits of electronic overpressure systems

Faster self rescue: Fire escape stairways are recommended even if other arrangements are permitted for escape and rescue routes. People evacuation is faster through smoke-free stairways or stairways with less smoke – the panic risk can be reduced.

  • Faster rescue by others: On electronic overpressure systems, the air supply of the fans can be switched to the maximum air volume by a fire fighter's switch. This enables pushing back and leading smoke away, even at high fire temperatures. The pressure in the stairway exceeds the standards limitation, and a time-consuming installation of mobile fans, allowing a clear view, in many cases is unnecessary.
  • More flexibility during fire-fighting operations: Mobile fans placed in the building entry can become a „tripping hazard“ for emergency task forces. With the Systemair Pressure Differential System those fans are not needed.
  • Higher security for emergency task forces: High air velocities combined with electronically controlled ventilation reduces the concentration of flammable gases and hot air in the zone on fire. This reduces the risk of backdrafts and delays flashover.
  • Higher building protection: With the possibility of overriding the set pressure with the electronic overpressure system a faster access for the firefighters is enabled. This reduces fire damages which can be honoured by the assurance in certain cases.
  • Reliability: Electronic overpressure systems are not affected by wind loads, snow coverings or pressure changes due to cold or warm supply air.
  • Reduction of construction costs: Openings for air outlets are not required. Control dampers and additional weather protection equipment are usually not necessary.
  • Reduction of operating costs: No complex adjusting or cleaning of mechanical control dampers.
  • Steady precision during life cycle: Electronic overpressure systems automatically compensate potential leakages due to normal wear and tear of the building.
  • Architectural freedom: Huge air terminal devices or high roof fans are not required.


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