Modern ventilation for parking garages and underground garages

Whether residential building, office complex or industrial hall - every building places specific demands on its ventilation. The special challenges here include underground garages and closed parking garages, where the air can be contaminated with carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. The building itself is also added as a further protection goal. Minimizing moisture damage through correct ventilation strategies, taking into account the dew point of the fresh air, is just a key word here.

It is therefore important to remove the polluted air quickly, safely and efficiently. The duct systems frequently used for this, however, require a lot of space, often cross other trades and generate a high pressure loss, which in turn leads to higher energy consumption. This is reflected in the investment, assembly and operating costs.
It's good that there is a clever alternative: Green Ventilation Jet fan systems from Systemair .

Green ventilation for underground garages

Exceptionally efficient.…
The Green Ventilation Jet fan systems from Systemair enable you to save up to 80% in energy compared to conventional ventilation systems thanks to our intelligent control systems *. Our control system is individually pre-programmed for your respective project. It evaluates the measurements of CO exhaust gas sensors as well as fire and smoke detectors and controls the individual, virtually formed smoke and CO sections according to the requirements. The jet fans of the areas not affected are switched according to the stored control matrix.

... Extremely economical.
Jet fans - also known as thrust or induction fans - support the natural flow between the supply and exhaust air areas, provide movement in places with low air speed and thus guarantee daily ventilation on all surfaces.

So that the systems can develop their full potential and react reliably in an emergency, precise planning and a perfectly regulated interplay of all components are important.
In order to be able to guarantee this, we support you with the planning and adapt the control system perfectly to your requirements of the building and conditions of use.

* In Systemair CO mode, compared to the nominal output of the garage exhaust fans

Perfectly positioned for every challenge.

Space is often a valuable commodity in parking garages and underground garages, and the frequently used sewer systems make up a significant percentage here. In addition, they often cross other trades such as electrical or waterways - this is also reflected in the investment and installation costs.

Systemair jet fan systems replace these duct systems. Since jet fans are only installed selectively, they take up less than 0.5% of the ceiling area. This leaves space for other technical systems and the parking decks become clearer. Even lower storey heights are often possible. That saves time and money.

Which system suits you best? Would you take a look at our innovative products?



Systemair Jet fans offer the highest system performance with low installation and operating costs

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Systemair Jet fans offer the highest system performance with low installation and operating costs

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IV Smart

Radial jet fans with highly efficient EC and AC motors.

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