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The flow transmitter Optima-RM is a part of a system that maintains a proper ratio between the supply and extract of a zone with individual flow control in air supply branches. The information about the total zone supply air flow is forwarded as a request for total zone extract air flow control. This helps avoiding undesired effects like too large air exchange, air suction into zone in non standard locations or air drought. The system consists from the air flow measuring transmitter in the common zone air supply duct (the product Optima-RM itself) and an especially adjusted air flow controller (VAV Optima-R) in the common zone extract air duct. The air extract controller is proportionally adjusted by the measured flow value on the air supply by the measuring transmitter Optima-RM. This value is represented by the signal DC 0-10V.


Main features:
• The body tightness class C acc. to EN 1751
• Hygienic certificate acc. to VDI 6022 and VDI 3803
• High accuracy up to 5%
• Flow measuring range 0 to 10974 m3/h
• Fit for static pressure of 1000 Pa


The measuring unit body is produced from galvanized steel sheet. The construction of the measuring cross assures accurate reedings of the air flow also in complicated installations.
inlet / outlet: ø 80 to ø 630 mm


The main function of Optima-RM is maintaining the overall parameters of air flow and pressure in the controlled zone - that means maintaining the desired proportion between the air flow on the air supply and on the air extract of the zone. The actual flow value measured on the zone air supply represents a sum of air flow in all branches in the zone - so their actual control position. The zone air extract flow value is controlled according to the flow value on the zone air supply. The signal of the flow measurement on the zone air supply is linked to the VAV controller on the zone extract as the desired air flow control value.


Measuring track length after Elbow or a T-branch etc. installations, L to be min. 3 times duct diameter. If L can not be respected, then minimum of 2 × diameter with perforated equalizing grid should be installed.


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