Easy product selection

Competent and easy to use product selection software
Geniox units are designed in SystemairCAD, a design program which ensures an optimal dimensioning of the unit’s functions. When the unit design is finished, SystemairCAD makes a technical calculation and automatically generates a complete technical documentation in pdf format for the selected unit. Download the program on Systemair’s website.
The documentation includes the following highlights:



• Frontpage with a summary of the most important technical data of the selected unit.
• Detailed drawing of the unit’s construction and dimensions.
• Sound power level.
• Technical specifications of all components.
• Shipping, dimensions and weights.
• The control system including flowchart.
• Molliere diagram with summer and winter conditions.
• Complete consultant text.
• Compliance with ErP 2016/2018 including full documentation.
• LCC calculations.

The drawn to scale drawings from SystemairCAD can be exported to other CAD software and for use in BIM. Following options exist:

• Export of DXF files 2D and 3D
• Export of DMR files to Autodesk Revit.
• SystemairCAD project files can be opened directly in AutoCAD via MagiCAD plugin and in Autodesk Revit via Revit plugin.

Choosing the right air handling unit

Geniox is available in 14 different sizes and can handle air volumes from 750 to 86.000 m3/h (0,2 - 24 m3/s). You can adapt Geniox to all types of projects, and add and remove features as needed by using SystemairCAD. You can do this on your own by downloading SystemairCAD from our website, or by consulting with your local Systemair office.

In SystemairCAD, you can input the expected data for daily and yearly operation to find the most energy efficient solution for your project. SystemairCAD can also help you calculate your air handling unit’s Life-Cycle Cost (LCC). You can also create and export CAD-files for use in BIM and print the complete technical documentation for your air handling unit.

As soon as you have defined your unit in SystemairCAD and approved it, we are ready to manufacture it. That is how we can keep our delivery time down and ensure that you receive the right unit at the right time.

Easy to install and service

Geniox is delivered with all necessary documentation to help you assemble, set up and service the unit. On the unit, you will find QR codes that link you directly to "how to" videos. All the information you need is readily available.

Geniox is available with preinstalled and fully integrated control system with a large number of features e.g. alarms, setting of time, operating values and operating status. It is an advanced user-friendly system, with an external remote control panel for all settings. The panel can be placed freely in the building. The system is prepared for communication to a BMS system.

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